Gym Etiquette And Do’s And Don’ts – The gym can be a very intimidating place, especially for beginners. It has its own culture, and within that culture there are acceptable and unacceptable forms of behaviour. Part of the anxiety that comes with going to the gym is about not fitting in. A surefire way to stand out (not in a good way) is to break the usual established “norms” at the gym. Below is a list of common rules of etiquette in a public gym. Follow these instructions and no one will even know it’s your first time!

Probably the most important rule. The gym can be a busy place with people lifting heavy weights overhead. It is important that you take your surroundings into account. The last thing you want is to have a weight over your head and someone who isn’t paying attention bump into you, or you bump into someone else. For everyone’s safety, watch what you’re doing. Also, try to respect the personal bubble (3 feet of space on all sides of others).

Gym Etiquette And Do’s And Don’ts

Gym Etiquette And Do's And Don'ts

The no-lift zone is 3-5 feet of space directly in front of the barbell rack. In a commercial gym where multiple people need access to the weights, it is important not to block this area. Grab the weights and take at least 5 steps away from the rack before starting the lift. This also applies to the use of benches. Other members should not have to climb over you to access their weights.

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There is a certain degree of “dirtiness” that everyone accepts in sharing the same gym equipment. However, it is common courtesy to wipe down the device you are using when you are done. All gyms will have spray bottles of disinfectant solution throughout the gym.

Always leave the equipment as you found it. When using loose weights, remember to return the plates to the racks where you found them (and to the correct location). NEVER leave weights on the bar or machines after use. It creates major problems for the next person who will use this equipment.

When removing weights from bars (especially suspended bars, such as on a squat rack), be sure to place the weight evenly on each side. This may mean several trips back and forth to each side of the bar. But if you put all your weight on one side, you risk tipping the pole. This can be very dangerous for you and others.

Biggest pet peeve is gyms. Why? Squat racks are limited. You can only squat on a squat rack, but you can do bicep curls anywhere. Don’t steal the squat rack to do curls. Easily. Keep the squat rack for exercises that require a rack, such as squats and overhead presses.

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If you need space (help with the lift), don’t be afraid to ask someone. Also, if someone asks you for a seat and you don’t feel safe or comfortable helping, just tell them. It is better if they find someone else who is comfortable than to risk serious injury if something goes wrong. Whatever role you play, there are several things to look for when spotting/spotting, including:

Supersets and circuits are great for increased intensity and shorter workouts. However, if the gym is very busy, confiscating more equipment may prevent others from completing their workout. If the gym is very busy, complete all sets of one exercise before moving on to the next and avoid large circuits by using multiple machines.

Also, if someone uses the device you need and it looks like they’ve been/will be there for a while, asking for a “work-in” is acceptable. Working in means you take turns completing the set while they rest, moving back and forth as needed. However, there is one thing to consider:

Gym Etiquette And Do's And Don'ts

? For example, if they are a completely different weight than you and require a lot of removing between sets, then it may be better to wait or find something else in the meantime. If it’s a similar weight or easy to adjust (like a stick machine), go ahead.

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Different gyms have different rules for this. It is better to be safe and avoid losing weight while completing the training (unless necessary for safety reasons).

The gym can be an intimidating place for a newbie who doesn’t know all the rules. As with any place where you find yourself as a “newbie”, understanding the norms of the group can help you fit in faster and avoid negative experiences. You can use the guidelines in this article to ensure a smooth transition from beginner to accepted regular. A gym is a place of community, which means all members should feel welcome and comfortable. Most gyms and fitness clubs usually have specific rules, but there are unspoken guidelines that members should be aware of. Here are some dos and don’ts of exercise etiquette.

When you’re done using free weights, remember to put them back for safety and courtesy. Not only is it dangerous to have heavy weights around, but leaving them out means they are still being used. Be polite and put the weights back so other members can use the equipment. This is especially true during busy hours when members can take turns waiting for equipment.

Mirrors are definitely a popular spot in most gyms and can get crowded quickly, so while it can be difficult not to accidentally block someone’s view during peak periods, try to avoid it. If this part of your gym is too crowded, train somewhere else and come back to the mirror when the space is free.

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How many of us enjoy working out in other people’s sweat? No one and gyms are immune to bacteria. Although not technically required and the member is not responsible for keeping the gym clean, most gyms and fitness clubs have stations with cleaning supplies and paper towels as it is a common courtesy to clean the equipment. Remember to wipe everything you touch. This includes treadmills, elliptical machines, machine weights, free weights, even mats and foam rollers. When you learn more about gyms and germs, you won’t think twice about wiping things down.

If you don’t go to the gym when it’s dead, don’t spend hours on one machine. This is particularly important during rush hour when people may be waiting for machines. A good rule of thumb for cardio machines is to not spend more than 30 minutes on these machines. When it comes to machine weights, don’t just sit on them. Do your reps, take small breaks and move on to the next thing.

The same concept applies to free weights. As we’ve said before, use the weights you need and put them back for someone else to use. Spending hours on one machine also means you’re not working multiple muscle groups, which isn’t an effective workout anyway.

Gym Etiquette And Do's And Don'ts

There is always one person in the gym grunting during every rep. Don’t be that guy. It is unnecessary and interferes with other people’s training. If you feel the need to scream, the weight is probably too heavy and you may need to lower it.

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The gym is where most of us sweat, and while it may not be the best smelling place, nothing puts a damper on a workout like the dreaded body odor. Do yourself and everyone else a favor by practicing good hygiene.

While you may be proud of your six-pack and the fact that you can bench press a lot of weight, you don’t need or care about other gym-goers. Every person in the gym is there to improve, regardless of size or running speed. There is a big difference between celebrating victories and showing off. Be proud of your own achievements, remember to do your own thing, and also build up the people around you.

This is true anywhere in your gym, really, but especially in hot spots like mirrors, free weights, mats, and stretch zones. It seems like common sense to take care of your own space, but it can be difficult when the gym is crowded, so do the best you can.

Not only is this dangerous and could seriously injure you or someone else, it is disrespectful to the club’s equipment and disruptive to other members. Just like grunting and screaming at the gym, if you find yourself needing to drop the weights, the weight is too heavy. Drop the weight, not the dumbbells.

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Unless you have an urgent emergency or legitimate reason to leave a group class early, it is generally not recommended. Leaving class early not only throws off the other members of the class, but it is also inconsiderate of the instructor. Plus, if you paid for the class, it would be a shame not to spend your money.

We’re all familiar with the classic gym selfie, and while there’s nothing wrong with that

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